Friday, August 8, 2008

Whether Slim is better or Fat is better, to me, that is a Personal Choice. Either category you fall into - its Great - as long as you FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF! For me, I have always loved to have a slimmer figure. Not that I have been horrendously overweight before. In fact, most of my earlier times, I was blessed with a slim figure. Probably its because I was athletic during my younger years. However, when we get OLDER (ehem ehem), staying slim/fit is just "not as easy" anymore! And it was FRUSTRATING to NOT been able to lose those few kilos AS EASILY ANYMORE!! :( I did sit ups, I went for jogging, but the fat around my waistline JUST DIDN'T WANT TO GO AWAY! I tried to skip meals as well, but my waistline didn't drop a bit! I don't know why but my weight not only did not go down, on the contrary it went UP! I start to feel desperate. Whatever products or methods come to my knowledge, I give it a try! (Except going to Slimming Centre coz its toooooo expensive!). Sounds familiar??
Well, long story short, one day I got to know about Shapeworks from a stranger. Boy I was skeptical in the beginning. But hey, gotta give it a try yo! So I did. And I never have to look elsewhere again!

Take a good look at my before and after picture - top left pic. It was taken in early 2006. What I am MOST AMAZED by this product is - I lost a total of 4kg body fat and almost 3" off my waistline, TOTALLY SHAPE UP MY BODY IN JUST 4 WEEKS!!! On top of that my Insomnia that I've suffered for more than 5 years(popping sleeping pills) IS GONE!! My Energy Level become much better, never taken any nap for more than 2 years now and boy, my skin has also become better..... and better. :)

Well, if you are like me, has been looking for a GOOD SOLUTION - whether its for Weight Loss or Good Health - I recommend you to give this product a GO! You will see the result for yourself!

Because of my VERY SATISFYING RESULT, I have become an International Weight Management Coach/Wellness Coach for this Brand - and like the company's motto --> been helping people to get the results they desire - help CHANGING PEOPLES' LIVES. And I'm simply LOVING IT!!
My motto is = You start a program with me, just follow the simple 1, 2 or 3 delicious Shake a day, I guarantee you'll achieve the result you wish.

By the way, don't take my words for it. Read along and learn more about this product and why it has become the NUMBER ONE WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM/PRODUCT IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! Maybe you can relate to some of these Malaysian stories at this page and in another Link. Some of them might be your friends.

Do understand that this is a Cellular Nutrition Program, it helps you not only to Lose Weight/Gain muscle mass but also it will Improve Skin, Increase Energy Level and Improve Better Health! This is the reason I love this product sooo much and will take it for Life!!

Please feel free to leave your comments, I'd love to hear from you.